Donau Cup 2023

Donau Cup 2023 – three countries Club and Specialty Dog Shows. Mojmírovce, Grafengg and Gárdony.

All six shows count towards the Donau Cup. The total number of points from the maximum 6 shows, but minimum 4 shows,

will be divided by the number of shows at which the said dog participated. The resulting coefficient represents the final result of the dog in the competition. Highest coefficient = winner of Donau cup 2023.

If it happens that several dogs have the same resulting coefficient, then: a dog with more shows gets the better placement.
Than the better placement from the last show prevails.

Donau Cup Junior Winner – junior class
Donau Cup Winner – intermediate, open, working, champion, honour class
Donau Cup Veteran Winner – veteran class

Allocation of points

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