IW Cup 2023

All four shows are included in the Czech – Slovak IW Cup.

All 4 shows can be counted for the results, but the minimum participation must be at 3 shows.

The total number of points from the maximum 4 shows, but minimum 3 shows, will be divided by the number of shows at which the said dog participated. The resulting coefficient represents the final result of the dog in the competition. The highest coefficient equals the winner of the Czech – Slovak IW Cup 2023.

If it happens that several dogs have the same resulting coefficient, then:

  • a dog with more shows gets the better placement.
  • the better placement from the last show prevails.


Czech – Slovak IW Cup Junior Winner – junior class
Czech – Slovak IW Cup Winner – intermediate, open, working, winners, honour class
Czech – Slovak IW Cup Veteran Winner – veteran class

Allocation of points

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