Longevity certificate

The Irish Wolfhound Longevity Project

The aim of the Irish Wolfhound Longevity Project is to provide long-term visibility
and insight into the overall health of the breed and specifically longevity in genetic lines in Europe. We want to appreciate IWs living or raised in Slovakia who have reached the age of 10 or more in good health.


  • All IWs with proof of origin who have reached the age of 10 years.
  • The dog must be clearly identified by microchip or tattoo.
  • The certificate is issued only to living individuals.
  • The owner or breeder applying for a certificate must be a member of the SKCHCH club.
  • The dog must be checked by a veterinarian to confirm that it is in good health, given its age.

The electronic version of the certificate is free for KCHCH members and can be requested by the dog’s owner or breeder. The certificate will be handed over in person
either at a KCHCH club event or at a KCHCH meeting.

If you want to apply, fill out the form that will be sent to the project coordinator: martina.holbova@gmail.com.

Necessary documentation

  • Completed form (found below) – including attachment of verification by a certified veterinarian.
  • A copy of the family tree as an attachment to the form.

    In case of any questions regarding the Longevity Project or the application process, please write to Martina Holbova, the project coordinator (martina.holbova@gmail.com).

Application for issuing a Longevity Certificate

Upload attachments such as photocopy of PP, veterinarian's certificate, health examinations here. Allowed files are pdf, png, jpg, doc, docx. Max. file size 3MB.
Certificate number (Serial no./year of issue) | Dog name | Date of birth| Breeder | Owner

04/2023 BRÍDGE HIGHLANDS HEART 16.03.2013
Breeder: Šárka Doležalová CZ, Owner: Manželia Masároví/SK

03/2023 AISCHA Z BOLKOVEJ ZÁHRADY 26.04.2012
Breeder: Boleslav Dziadura/CZ, Owner: Veronika Slobodová/SK

02/2023 AMÍGO Z BOLKOVY ZÁHRADY 26.04.2012
Breeder: Boleslav Dziadura/CZ, Owner: Anita Pongrácz Szalay/SK

01/2023 SORAYA ERDOR IRIS SURYCAN 17.10.2011
Breeder: Ivana Veselá/CZ, Owner: Martina Holbová/SK