Bitte Ahrens, IT
Swedish but now living in Rome, Italy since 2001.

“Grown up” in the SOBERS kennel and starting breeding Italian Greyhounds and Greyhounds with my grandmother, the late Mrs Astrid Jonsson, who was the founder of the SOBERS kennel in Sweden in the beginning of 1957. Today our breeding also includes Whippets and the Italian Pointing dogs, Bracchi Italiani. First together with my grandmother, and today, together with my husband Pierluigi Primavera, SOBERS are responsible for more than 400 homebred Champions (over 860 Champion titles) and over the years many exports all around the world. This although not breeding more often than 1-2 litters /year.
We have bred or shown SBIS & All breed BIS winners in all the four Breeds. To mention a few highlights: BIS at the WORLD DOG SHOW 2006, BOB Winners at CRUFTS and WESTMINSTER , TOP BREEDER & TOP DOG awards in several countries, TOP DOG with our Bracco Italiano (all Breeds) in Italy 2008 and BIS at The EUKANUBA WORLD CHALLENGE in the USA 2009. We so far bred or owned no less than 18 times World Winners and 20 times European Winners. Since arriving in Italy, the SOBERS dogs have been among the Italian TOP TEN dogs (all breed list) every year.
I have been working as a Veterinarian Technician for more than 20 years in Sweden and in Italy.
I became Int FCI judge in Sweden in 1992 and I am approved to judge all Group 10 and all Podengos Portuguese, Ibizan Hounds, Canarian Warren Hound, Pharao Hounds and Cirneco dell’Etna in Group 5.
I have been judging at International level, all around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, GB, USA, Australia as well as in Russia (including several of the most important Breed Club Specialties/National Specialties). Some very special occasions have been to judge the 3rd Australian Whippet National, Whippet Bitches at CRUFTS 2015 and Italian Greyhounds at the World Dog show in Milano.
I do love working with my dogs also in the field but with two young children at home, time is limited so thanks to our great puppy buyers, our dogs also have been doing great in field work as well as lure coursing. We are happy to also be able to present several Dual Champions.
Not much time for other things in life, but when some free moments, I do love to practice my other passion: drawing and painting. I have illustrated several dog magazines, designed many logos for Clubs and kennels over the years and done many educational judge compendiums, especially about The Italian Greyhound. I was one of the founders and the President of the Swedish Italian Greyhound Club for several years. Also very much involved in both the Swedish Sighthound Club and in the Greyhound Club.
I always had a genuine interest for all the Sighthound breeds and in fact we also had some odd family members here at SOBERS, as well like one very active Irish Wolfhound, a noble Deerhound and some lovely Borzois over the years.

Bitte Ahrens

Willem Buitenkamp, NL

I am active in the dog world since 1970, starting with an Afghan Hound. That was the beginning of a strong and active love for the wonderful sighthound group. Still busy with Oriental sighthounds (president of the NVOW, the Dutch Oriental Sighthounds club from 1983 till 1991 and again from 2010 until today) but on various levels well involved in all sighthound breeds and the group of Mediterranean breeds which left the FCI sighthound group some thirty years ago. Besides that I have, during the years, always been involved in sighthound racing and -coursing. 

My first judging license was for the Afghan Hound in 1978. Thereafter I became licensed for all other 12 breeds in FCI Group 10 and the ‘Meds’ of FCI Group 5. In those countries where nationally adopted, I can also judge Silken Windsprite, Taigan, Podenco Andaluz and Kritikos Lagonikos. My judging brought me already in many countries, so I had the opportunity to also view breed developments, be it positive or negative when compared to the standards.

I’d would like to thank the organization inviting me for this prestigious show, hope to see many wonderful sighthounds and look very much forward to this event.

Haag – 2023

Marie-Christin Amand, BE
Here I will try to get you an idea about my CV dog
I am Marie Christine Amand, 72 years old, widow from Delabelle Dominique.
In 1978 our first afhan, Charming Lady El Rachman, the start of our adventure.
In 1990 our first show whippet French King du Manoir de la Grenouillère.
In 1991 our second show whippet Gladys du Manoir de la Grenouillère, our two foundation dogs.
Both of them two big champions, with BIS, SBIS and a lot of titles.
And then I started judging in 1989 with Afghans, after whippets and later X group and some other breeds : chihuahua, Chinese crested, dalmatian.
I judged everywhere in Europe, a lot of time sighthound speciality.
At home I have only one whippet Pablo Picasso of Gentle Mind, who is spoiled rotten
Wishing that you have a big entry for your Sight Hound Speciality.


Pascal Thiery, FR

 FCI qualified judge for group 10 breeds and podencos-podengos-cirnenco-pharaohound in group 5.

I’m a vet by training and I’m specialized in poultry nutrition. I’ve been working as global technical director for an animal feed ingredient company.

 I’ve been breeding Azawakhs since 1995, under the kennel name “Na’ema”.

My first encounter with sighthounds was when I was still a student at the vet school,  and I rescued an Afghan hound in 1986. I started being concerned in dog shows and breeds. This is where I met my first Azawakh, and I’m still fully involved in the breed even though I’m not really active on the breeding scene.

My first azawakh came in 1991, my first litter was born in 1995. I bred 15 litters in 28 years in which many coursing and beauty champions were raised. I’m very proud to be the breeder of the first Azawakh ever in UK and in Australia… I’m still sharing my life with 4 azawakhs.

I was qualified as a judge in 2007 and finalized group 10 in 2017. I’m really pleased to have the honor of judging in this prestigious event !


Martin Baskaran, ES
I started in 1978 importing a Borzoi female from France, “Micheva de la Marie de la Marie Graton”, bred by the late Mr. Pierre Deruet, a little later I decided to incorporate to my kennel Afghan Hound and Salukis.

In 1980 I incorporated Lhasa apso and Pekingeses. That year, in July the F.C.I. granted me the the affix BASTERBERRI, with the number 1315. Since that date my dogs have won more than 250 championship titles under the F.C.I. and
A.K.C. system, among which are included, ARGENTINA, CHILE, VENEZUELA, USA, RUSSIA, IRELAND, UNITED KINGDOM, as well as numerous countries in Europe. Apart from the above mentioned breeds, I have also owned, bred and presented Piccolo Lebrel Italiano, Greyhound, Spanish Greyhound, Bedlington terrier, Yorkshire terrier, American Cocker, Basenjis, Boxer, Great Dane, Shih tzu, my last breed is the Boston Terrier, with only 4 litters, I got 24 championship titles, some of their offspring produce CHs. in the USA.

My dogs have accumulated numerous triumphs, such Top of the year in Spain of the Group 9º for several consecutive years, TOP ABSOLUTE AFGHAN HOUND, TOP AFGHAN HOUND FEMELE, TOP JUNIOR, TOP PUPPY, numerous B.I.S. BIG in several countries. B.I.S. in the biggest show in Spain, The Mandatory International Madrid Dog Show, Cup SSMM King Juan Carlos 1st.

I’m Vice-president of the SOCIEDAD CANINA DE BIZKAIA, organizer of the classic BILBAO INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW, that in 2015 commemorated its 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIZKAIA CANINE SOCIETY DOG SHOW, held at the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTER, BEC!, with the obligatory C.A.C.

I am the president of the Spanish Afghan Hound, Saluki and others Foreigner Sighthounds Club R.S.C.E. and F.C.I. all breeds Judge. I have judged all over Europe, America, Australia, Asia and South Africa, in the Madrid WDS World Dog Show, Winner and Special CAC Madrid 2020 held in June 2022.


Gerard Jipping, NL

Dear Sighthound Lovers,
Welcome to the 17th FCI Euro Sighthound show,
In 2005, the Committee of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International) allow the creation of an International Show reserved for Sighthounds with the following official titles:
– FCI Euro Sighthound (year)
– FCI Euro Junior Sighthound (year)
– FCI Euro Veteran Sighthound (year)
This event is intended to emphasize our Sighthounds Internationally by gathering them in a high level annual Show, organized in a different European country each time.
In 2005, the FCI Euro Sighthound titles were given for the first time. The show has now been held with great success in 14 different countries. This year 2023, the 17th FCI Euro Sighthound will be held in Slovakia, which is the second time for Slovakia to be held there.
As president of the FCI Euro Sighthound committee and a passionate lover of the Sighthounds, I am delighted with the success of the FCI Euro Sighthound Show over the years. I am sure that, with the experienced organizers present, the show in Slovakia will also be a great success this year.
I would like to wish everyone an excellent and pleasant day, both in terms of results and in terms of conviviality and atmosphere.
Gerard Yipping
President FCI Euro Sighthound committee

Dr. Tamás Jakkel, Prezident FCI (od 2019)

I was born in a percect family with one single exception: we had no dogs. In my age of 5 I started to ask my parents to have an English cocker spaniel. I started my connection with the breed in my age of 12. Ever since I’ve bred or owned 34 World-and European Winners under my prefix „Black Mirage”. Some years later I joined to the already World renowned Smooth-haired Dachshund kennel „vom Golf” and „mini Golf” of which I am the owner nowdays. We bred over 50 World/European Winners and over 150 FCI International Champions under this prefix. I also used to have a European Winner Medium Poodle and in the last decade my family became strongly attached to the Magyar Agár having bred several World and European Winners in this magnificent breed under the prefix „ ILLA-Berek”.

Being dedicated besides my private life – of being a Chief Surgeon, Clinical Oncologist, later on a teaching Professor at the Medical University – I took my part of the dog-related administration at my very early age. I was the President of the Hungarian Spaniel Association for 24 years, still being its Board member. I was the President of the Magyar Agár Section of the parent Club of the breed (Hungarian Sighthound). I was a member of the Hungarian Kennel Club’s Board for many years before.

As long as my activity quickly became an International one I also had been involved in the FCI. I was a Board member of the FCI European Section for many years since its establishment later on I was its Vice-President. I also had been the Vice-President of the FCI Judges’ Commission. I resigned from both of these functions when I was elected as the member of the FCI General Committee in 2009. I am the Board’s representative in both the FCI Show Commission and the Show Judges Commission ever since.

As the recognition of my work I have been awarded the FCI Golden Pin by the President of the FCI. In 2017. I was also elected as a member of the FCI Executive Committee as the Treasurer of the FCI.

As an influence of my mentor, Tibor Bródy I became a judge in 1985 an FCI all-rounder in 2001. I was judging all over the World in all 5 Continents where dog shows being held including some of the largest Shows in the World (FCI, KC, CKC, AKC) and many interesting breed Specialties in well over 80 countries.

I am ready and looking forward to participate in any dog-related activity where my passion, knowledge and perfectionism can serve the interest of dogs’ breeding and their responsible ownership.